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A Terry Gilliam animation masterclass.

“Keep well away from animation, it’s dangerous, nasty stuff, could be catching and most definitely will leave some very nasty scars, especially on those knee caps of yours.”  
Terry Gilliam.-

We say goodbye to this week with a list of the Vimeo Channels we visit daily to discover great work without suffering a visual overdose. 

We usually start the day with what is already a classic of the good taste, Wine after Coffe.

The next stop is another great option to check out while enjoying your first coffe in the morning, Wake me up.

Then we jump to this another classic curated with lots of love from Instanbul, Everything animated.

We pass by one of the essentials channels of all time, Motionographer.

Then we end up the route enjoying of the Best of Cel Animation and finally we go to our vimeo channel to continue handpicking fresh work made up north.

Any suggestion to add to our list?

Red Giant Universe, the new community for video makers or how to sell your product like a boss.

Red Giant announced today a community for all those who give their lives to the video industry.

Tons of effects, plug ins, access to under development products and of course, different premium packages to get access to a bigger range of tools which will make the world a better place to live.

Nice shot, Red Giant.

Take a look at their site if you want to give it a try.

What is an image but a great story in stand by?

Rendo app explained by Markus Magnusson. Sweet.

Markus Magnusson’s Dribbble account is always on fire.
Get lost on it and enjoy of his work in progress. 


Markus Magnusson, a motion designer who will make you enjoy as a kid with his work.

You just need a ball and a stick to create something awesome.

Oscar Pettersson shows you how it’s done in this elegance piece of animation. An incredible exercise of pace and style. Chapeau!

How to succeed in the interview for the most important job of all time.
A great animation work by the students from The Animation Workshop.

Check the Making of here.

Here it goes our Eye-candy of the month. Sac Magique and his cynicism illustrated. Childish but stylish. Take a look at his website and enjoy.

THE DESK, by Christofer Ödmark.